Friday, April 18, 2008

Quote 13

Brussel, Belgium 2007.

' I don’t believe in photography as art or a job or anything. I think of photography as a language and I think a language should be used to speak, to say what you have to say. So the only things I have to say about my life and what I know about the world, is the way I see it. So, it’s not about photography … I think people should just use photography to say things and not just photography for the sake of photography … the world is full of talented photographers. The problem is just so many of them just don’t know what to say, they think life is one thing and photography is another but they don’t realise that photography is just a way to reflect what you are. '

Antoine d' Agata


pascal digital said...

Een zeer sterk en instructief citaat.

Karina said...

Wijze woorden ...