Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hard-Core Scenes 1

Brussel, Belgium 2007.

New Label ' Hard-Core Photography ? '

Hard-Core is mostly related to pornography. Not to photography! Porn means explicit and voyeurism and taboo at the same time. The label may probably show explicit photographs but not in a sexual way. And if they have a sexual content, they will not be explicit. The photos will show other sides of reality, underground scenes, darkness, loneliness, desolation, poverty, etc. They will sometimes violating taboo in society.
The new label also refers to different deviant photografic appraoches or at least questioning photographic standard rules about subject matter, subject categories, viewpoint, framing, composition, distance, light, sharpness, etc. Up to subject matter it could be defined as unusual, out of sight, tough, extreme, indecent, decadent, etc.
Hard-Core photography could show images taken in a very straight way, not necessarily streetphotography but always uncensored and certainly not staged. Let 's say it is about real people and urban scenes, photographed with balls.

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Karina said...

We kijken er naar uit ... dit eerste beeld is in ieder geval heel sterk. Het prikkelt en intrigeert.