Monday, April 13, 2009

Report 55 / Tableaux vivants au Bois de Wallers.

Wallers, France 2009.

"Tableau vivant" is French for "living picture". The term describes a striking group of suitably costumed actors or artist's models, carefully posed and often theatrically lit. Throughout the duration of the display, the people shown do not speak or move -strangly, cycling supporters appearance before the passage of the cyclists at some particular spots is of religious silence-. The approach thus marries the art forms of the stage with those of painting/photography, and as such it has been of interest to modern photographers.

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no panic said...

de opmerkelijke stilte van "Het Bos" hoorbaar, iedereen wacht ontspannen doch vol spanning, ik voel het nogmaals, wat een oord....