Friday, October 2, 2009

Photographers to know / Link 13 : Bieke Depoorter

© Bieke Depoorter. From the series Oe Menia - With Me, Russia 2008-2009.

Bieke Depoorter is a young female Belgian photographer who just finished Academie of Art and won the Photo Academy Award for GUP Magazine. She did one big travel project so far and about that project she writes:
' For three periods of one month, I have let the Trans-Siberian train guide me alongside forgotten villages, from living room to living room. Some Russian words, scribbled on a little piece of paper, allowed me to be welcomed and absorbed in the warm chaos of a family. Accidental encounters led me to the places where I could sleep. The living room, the epicentre of their life, establishes an intimate contact between the Russian inhabitants. In this room, they sleep, eat and drink as well as cry. For a brief moment, I was part of this. Their couch became my bed for one night. This way, I experienced transient, but very powerful, shared moments. We communicated without words, we understood eachother somehow. '

" I am looking for a place to spend the night.
Do you know people who would have a
bed, or a couch? I don’t need anything
in particular, and I have a sleeping-bag.
I prefer not to stay in a hotel, because I
don’t have a lot of money and because I
want to see the way people live in Russia.
Could I stay at your place, perhaps?
Thank you very much for your help! "

© Bieke Depoorter. From the series Oe Menia - With Me, Russia 2008-2009.

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