Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photographers to know / Link 9 : Hin Chua

Road Trip Blues © Hin Chua

Hin Chua was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, educated in Australia and now lives the United Kingdom. Hin has used his nomadic life as inspiration for his photography, capturing subjects ranging from office workers in his series, "They Called me a Corporate Whore", to urban and rural landscapes in "After the Fall".
Hin's photography has evolved into a distinctive style that mixes a compositional aesthetic with the comedy of the absurd that is apparent in much of his work and while he appears to work on disparate subjects, it is this wit that holds the images together in a coherent whole.

' The relationship between man and nature is a precarious balance, as Hin Chua investigates in his series, ‘After the Fall’. His images are ones of careful observation, retaining a somewhat anonymous distance from his subjects.
Hin tells me that his approach is, ‘to pick a spot on a map that could be considered 'the middle of nowhere', get there and walk around for several hours, photographing what I find’. This has lead him to shoot the project in locations throughout the world (USA, Australia, UK, China & Japan, a lot of Europe), yet he has found the most of the sites ‘completely interchangeable.’ His work points out that regardless of culture or landscape, the dialogue between man and nature is fairly ubiquitous. Glaring industrial structures impose on pastoral scenes, yet there appears to be a reciprocal reaction taking place, in which the man made imitates the natural and the natural imitates the man made. The two elements surprisingly seem to have a seamless bond as Hin examines the complexity of this ever-transforming relationship. '

Emily Graham on Contact.

You can follow his work on flickr.

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