Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Report 58 / Crossing the Channel

Oostende-Ramsgate 2008.


paul said...

i think it's the opposite feeling of 'inside-outside' that intrigues me in this images
the relative safety and quietness of a boat's interior versus the rough conditions out there on the sea
this feeling gets enforced by the decorations, the romantic maritime paintings, the warm colours of the fabrics, the woman looking television while outside a strong wind makes conditions almost hostile (i know this kind of conditions luc...)
this images give me that same misleading feeling of comfort i always have on this big boats crossing the channel
the play of reflections and synchronicity of different stories in one single frame is omnipresent

Erwin Acke said...

Herkennen wij (foto 2) daar vaag het meisje met het blonde haar, van die fameuze foto van Jimmy Kets die haar op de rug fotografeerde aan het venster van de ferry? Zit die altijd op die boot misschien?