Friday, March 27, 2009

Video for the weekend 24

Mark Cohen, a self-described "surrealistic action photographer", pioneered street photography, capturing the real, spontaneous moments in the public life of a city and the intimate in particular. How close can you come to people and photograph them without asking for permission?


shanolyno said...

Interesting video. Although really not sure where I 'stand' on in your face street photography like that

tomstappers said...

As a street photographer I am always very interested in the approach of others. Although I would not necessarily call this street, but something like surrealist as far as the result is concerned, the way he goes about it sure is comparable. I would never feel comfortable acting as agressively as that and it would mean asking for trouble where I go (Amsterdam). Having been familiar with his work for a long time, I always suspected it was arranged, because of the closeness, the unpractical angles and the obvious aggressive flash. Taking into account that Mark Cohen here has the video camera man to back him up and take the act to another level for the unsuspecting subjects, he will know by now what he can get away with, which is not the same always and everywhere. Find out for yourself is the message. Great photography, anyway!